Solution efficace contre les boutons derrière la tête

Effective solution against pimples on the back of the head



How do you get those pimples on the back of your head?

The hairdresser but not only!

How to avoid getting these pimples when cutting your hair?

Some tips to follow

You already have pimples, don't panic

Identify your category based on stage of progress

In category 1 you must:

What is exfoliation?

When to exfoliate your skin?

Why shouldn't I remove the scabs myself?

How to resist itching?

Why should I let my hair grow during the process?

Good healing thanks to the repair cream.

I must have been able to find the buttons, what should I do?

I have baldness what should I do?

Use a suitable shampoo

How do you get those little pimples on the back of your head?

In 70 to 80% of cases it comes after visiting the hairdresser or more generally after you have had the hair .

So it might as well be a hairdresser who doesn't disinfect his instruments properly.

or simply the cutting size that is not suitable for the sensitivity of your skin .

If you have the sensitive skin and your hairdresser runs the blade at the back of your head to make your contours, there is a good chance that it will end up causing the appearance of small buttons .

In my case these pimples appeared while I regularly cut my hair myself. I was then able to see that this was due to a too fatty diet and because of cigarettes (Skin reaction probably due to a toxin present in tobacco).

It is really important that we determine together the origin of the appearance of these pimples because it is only in this sense that we will be able to resolve this problem in a lasting manner.

The hairdresser but not only!

As I told you above in my case these spots appeared cyclically partly because of a poor diet and the fact that I smoked cigarettes. “My body was in clearly this stuff isn’t for you mode!”

So also make sure to:

- Have a balanced diet (I know we say this often but these are not jokes)

- And stop smoking, I say that because in my case it is the trigger and it is surely the same for you if you smoke them

- Practice sport to eliminate toxins and stress because it is a source of cortisol production.

How to avoid getting these pimples when cutting your hair?

If you are firmly convinced that these spots appeared after a bad hair experience then I have some advice to pass on to you.

Tip Number 1:

Ask your hairdresser to disinfect these work tools.

So yes, said like that it is true that it can create discomfort, but I remind you that it is you who in the end finds yourself facing a problem and not all hairdressers do this systematically between each client.

Tip Number 2:

Always in relation to your hairdresser, do not cut your hair short, i.e. at 0.0 mm

It's true that the result is really clean from an aesthetic point of view but it is not suitable for sensitive skin.

In the majority of cases the appearance of these pimples occurs through irritated skin.

Tip Number 4:

You already have pimples behind your neck, don't panic.

First of all, you will need to identify at which stage you are because the advice will be different.

Identify your type of buttons:

There are 3 different categories:

1: The pimples have just appeared (between 1 and 2 months to get rid of them)
You will be able to identify them and resolve this problem within 1 to 2 months.

2: The pimples have already healed with pu inside and generally have relief.

Your remission will take a little longer because the treatment was carried out later.
It will take between 2 to 6 months depending on how long you have had these pimples.

it's a little more complicated because the support takes place a little later (between 2 to 6 months to return to normal depending on the progress of the buttons

3: They are no longer pimples but now repulsive flesh without having pus (nodules, keloids) (I am not able to guarantee you)
I prefer to be honest with you, however, the few Squales in this extreme case who used the soap told me that it helped them to no longer have itching.

In scenario number 1

The pimples will be more raw and more sensitive. They will also be more exposed to dust and other bacteria.

In general they are grouped together and small, barely perceptible to the touch.

They will also be accompanied by itching, something you absolutely should not do!

In this case these pimples appeared on me (yes it's me) because I shaved too close to the skin with the trimmer. (we learn from our mistakes :( )

Things to avoid:

- Avoid contact with dust (I noticed that this increased the itching sensation.

- Speaking of itching, you should definitely not scratch because this only makes the situation worse by spreading new bacteria! (The soothing shampoo in combination with the soap will bring you real relief)

- Avoid wearing caps during this period, if like me you find yourself wearing a helmet then you absolutely must protect your head with a clean satin durag or a wave-cap.

- You must regularly change your pillowcases and sheets.

In fact simply avoid any unnecessary contact with your skin.


Once the first period has passed you will see a small brown film forming where there were pimples

These will remain sensitive but will have a thin protective skin on top. At this precise moment you can start using the repair cream.

I remind you that you should always under no circumstances avoid any contact with this sensitive area and never or never remove this little film of skin yourself. (you will understand later).

Once the skin film is insensitive, you can move forward with the healing process.

and move on to the exfoliation stage.

What is exfoliation?

Exfoliation is a process of removing dead cells skin.

This practice is beneficial for health of the skin , because it helps eliminate impurities , bacteria and dead cells that can clog pores and lead to problems such as acne , black dots and the ingrown hairs . Thanks to this method the crust will fall off by itself (the fact that the skin film transformed into crust becomes insensitive means that the skin underneath is properly reconstituted).

To exfoliate your skin, you will need your anti-ingrown hair scrub and your exfoliating glove.

When to exfoliate your skin?

You can exfoliate your skin 1 to 2 times a week. For example, I do it on Wednesday and Sunday, the rule being that you should not do it if you have the slightest sensitivity.

Do this only on already healed skin.

The pimples have already healed with material inside

The process will take longer because you have already healed with pu inside.

In general there is no itching but when touched there is relief and very often you can see a yellowish mass inside.

The process is a little more complex because you will need an outside person.

In fact, unlike the first scenario, you will first have to extract the pu.

To do this, the person will need to pierce the button to release the hair and extract the pus.

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