Comment éliminer les boutons sous la barbe et derrière la nuque ?

How to eliminate pimples under the beard and behind the neck?

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What can cause pimples under the beard?

Hair regrowth can usually cause pimples to appear. Some of them can arise due to shaving too short or a clogged pore.

Sensitive skin suitable for your shave

During a poll on Instagram I was really amazed to see how many of you use razor blades, and sometimes even use the same blades several times.

It's a fact, a razor blade left to its own devices on the corner of a sink will get dirty, and its use will very quickly be discouraged. Bacteria will settle on the blades, ready to slip under your freshly shaved skin .

We, Black Men who usually have extremely sensitive skin, cannot afford this.

This is why I advise you to invest in a precision trimmer which can give you an excellent 0 cut without irritating your skin. The risk of having this type of pimple will be greatly reduced.

You will see that in the long term this small investment will make your life much easier.

If you already have a standard clipper you can adjust it to 0.1 mm which will do the trick at first. Yes 0.1 mm and not 0 mm because this is not suitable for cutting so close to the skin. There is a risk of irritation depending on the power of the clipper. Lived experience :)

Concerning clogged pores, you will need to exfoliate your skin (1 to 2 times a week) and moisturize your skin daily.

What causes pimples on the back of the neck?

You may also experience pimples on the back of your neck . These can be simple irritating pimples . Depending on the sensitivity of your skin and the type of your hair, you will be more or less subject to these famous pimples.

Likewise, explain to your hairdresser that he must perform the line up (contour) behind your head with the precision trimmer and not with the blade. You can only use it on the front of your head, you shouldn't have any problems. That's exactly what I did and I didn't have this problem anymore.

If you have pimples on the back of your neck, it could also be keloidal fungus . And there it's already a little more complicated but don't panic we have the solution .

What are keloidal mycoses?

These are non-cancerous tumors that appear mainly in Black men .

They develop on a skin lesion and are formed by abnormal healing of a wound. They can appear following a visit to a hairdresser who does not clean his instruments. Ouuuchhh and at this precise moment you say the hairdresser in the country is finished.

No worries I have a solution for that too.

How to treat the problem?

First, you will need our anti-bacterial soap in order to eliminate your pimples on the back of the head or under your beard .

From the first uses, you will notice that the itching will have stopped.

You will also notice that your skin will have a better complexion and that your scars will be clarified gradually.

You can use this soap every day once in the evening before going to bed.

You will need to moisturize your skin abundantly after use. Preferably use a natural product, so as not to attack your skin and thus make the situation worse.

For this we recommend the natural wave gold ointment which you will need to apply to the area in question.

Our ointment has ingredients with soothing and healing properties such as honey or grapeseed oil rich in vitamin E.

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