La meilleure pommade pour vos waves 360 !

The best pomade for your 360 waves!

What characterizes frizzy hair is that it is dry, even very dry. To turn those tight curls into 360-degree waves, you need to let them relax a bit. The secret is this: lots of water, lots of water, and more water! The best way to have hydrated hair is to use natural wave pomade. You can also use this hair treatment with a melting gel texture to make your hair soft and easier to comb. It helps create 360-degree waves if used right before brushing.

Why do you have to use pomade to make waves?

There natural pomade for waves is the best thing to use to get the waves you want. The latter has a unique non-greasy formula that is easily removed with hot water, and gives short hair a more natural appearance.

It is also worth noting that the pomade does not leave any white residue on the hair or make it greasy. She keeps waves in good shape and facilitates their training, especially since it has a fruity and soothing smell.

Why does your pomade have to be absolutely natural?

Your hair will be softer, more malleable and shinier , whether the components of your waves pomade are natural or not. However, you will see the difference in the long run.

Indeed, using pomade of artificial origin risks suffocating the scalp and damaging the fibers of your hair . They prevent water from evaporating, artificially hydrating the hair. If you don't wash your hair frequently, it will become water resistant, and other hair treatments will no longer work.

Essential oils, beeswax and mango or shea butter are the main ingredients of natural wave pomade. These substances facilitate the absorption of minerals by frizzy hair. There is also vitamin E which is infused into the hair fiber and has the function of nourishing and hydrating the hair. the longest time possible.

Choosing a natural ointment therefore allows you to have healthy hair while being shiny and silky. You will not have any plaques, breakages or general health problems. More ethical and ecological, our Wave gold is also perfect for those who want to pay attention to our environment!

How to use wave gold?

Let yourself be seduced by the creamy texture of this Wave Gold wave pomade on sale on our wave product store ! If you want to integrate it into your hair care, follow the following steps:

Apply a small amount of natural wave pomade to the hair, starting at the crown. Use a medium-sized brush to brush your hair for at least 15 minutes. Finish brushing with a wave brush.

For best results, apply this natural wave pomade on damp hair 2 or 3 times a week . To keep your waves in place, be sure to wear a silk durag for at least 30 minutes after brushing your hair.

Keep in mind that natural wave pomade alone will not cause waves to appear. Certainly, the hair will be softer and shinier after using this lotion, but if you want waves, brushing is key !

What are the advantages of wave gold?

This natural pomade for waves, which remains rich in vitamin E, will intensely nourish your hair, strengthening the hair fiber and improving the appearance of your hair. It is also possible to use Wave Gold directly on the skin.

We are responsible for every step of the process, from picking the fruit to bottling, including the manufacturing of the various raw components. We are therefore able to promise the most high level of quality .

You can make a great first impression with your hairstyle. Indeed, having hair that embodies an elegant and stylish look can boost your self-esteem and confidence throughout the day. Choose the best natural pomade for waves , can help you achieve the hairstyle you always wanted. In addition, it allows you to keep your hair hydrated and protected throughout the day.

The composition of our wave gold is mango, coconut, grape seed but also honey. Which only provides benefits to both your hair and your skin. You can use this ointment 1 month to 1 and a half months depending on your frequency . You can store your wave gold at room temperature or in a cool place.

You will therefore have understood, our natural ointment for waves will perfectly meet your expectations and all your needs in a manner healthy and effective ! So what are you waiting for, buy and try our Wave Gold?

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